Digital Payments For Ages 13+


Powered by Tunnel's Global Payment Network

Send & Receive Money Instantly & For Free

Choose who you want to pay & the amount, it's that simple.

Not Another Bank or Card

You don't need a bank account to use Tunnel, but if you have a bank account or a payment card, you can link them to move funds in & out of the App.

Features You Want


An amazing optional interactive experience.


Smart & Safe

Safer Than Cash


Parents set limits, get notifications, alerts and blocking features.



No Transaction Fees


Send Money For Free.
Receive Money For Free.
No Monthly Fees.
No Annual Fees.



User Friendly App That is Easy to Use


Just a couple taps and you are done. Send via number, email, contact, username or QR code.



Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)


Unique digital identity platform & encryption provides the highest levels of network trust.

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