Security & Fraud

Our proprietary patent pending Tunnel Multi-Chain distributed ledger provides multiple levels of security. Through the protocol architecture and at the point of value transfer, Tunnel has many layers of security and fraud prevention in place to mitigate threats to the system. 

Two Party Authorization

Unlike other payment methods, like credit or debit cards, Tunnel uses a two party payment authorization payment process. Both parties have to agree to the value transfer for it to proceed. This schema is inherently built into our system architecture. This significantly reduces fraud from charge backs and other fraudulent schema.

Secure & Confidential Transactions


Transactions values are hidden cryptographically on our distributed immutable ledger. Whether it's our simple to use mobile application running our lite-nodes or web based payment integration, Tunnel has the solutions to accommodate real-time sure global payments.

Digital Identity

Tunnel provides trusted transactions between two parties by creating a digital identity of all the payment participants. Prior to any value transfer, the most up to date pertinent requirements from a transfer standpoint are provided up front. Most other payment platforms today do this at the end of the transaction, causing major risks in value transfer reversal or other security related challenges.

Unique Security Features For Account Recovery​

Tunnel provides industry leading access to your funds. If for some reason you lost your credentials, Tunnel's system allows you to access your account and funds through our unique encryption systems custom tailored for every account created.

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