Account Setup


Download the Tunnel mobile app and complete the quick and simple user account setup process.

Load Funds


With Tunnel, you can link any bank account in the world to our digital wallet. Load money from your bank into your Tunnel digital wallet.

Send Money


Pay anyone and the receiver gets the funds in their native currency, instantly and with no transaction fees.

Better International Payments





Real-time, cross-currency global payments, available 24/7 are finally here.



No Transaction Fees


Finally sending money for free with no transaction fees is not limited to domestic payments but is now available for international payments.



User Friendly App That is Easy to Use


Sending money internationally has been painful. No longer! Just a couple taps and you are done. Send via contact, QR code or even tap to pay if you are standing next to the person.



Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)


Built on our patent-pending Distributed Ledger Technology, Tunnel is Fiat based ($, £, ¥, €, etc.), doesn't use cryptocurrency, and integrates a unique digital identity solution providing the highest levels of network trust.

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