Tunnel Decentralized

A global payment network built with our Confidential Multi-Chain (CMC) DLT for businesses, peer-to-peer, remittances and more. Value transfer is with our high-performance native digital currency and with no fees.

Mobile, Desktop & Web Facing Applications

Tunnel provides a suite of Decentralized applications. Whether it's our simple to use mobile application running our lite-nodes, desktop full-nodes or web based payment integration, Tunnel has the solution to accommodate Decentralized global payments.

No Transaction Fees, Globally​

Zero transaction fees for all value transfers on the Decentralized Tunnel payment network. Whether it's peer-to-peer, consumer facing, remittances or any other form of value transfer, all transactions come with no fees.

Speed, Scalability & Performance

Transactions execute and settle nearly instantly. The Tunnel Decentralized network dynamically scales to the demands needed for a global payment system.

Global Payments


Send money to anyone, in any amount, anywhere in the world, securely & for no fees.

Tunnel Decentralized Network Overview


Global Payments


Confidential Multi-Chain



Tunnel's enables near instant value transfer directly between two parties through our distributed network architecture. Our decentralized global payment network enables near instant, highly secure and zero fee global transaction on our high performance native digital currency.

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